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  • Decal Setting Solution STRONG

Decal Setting Solution STRONG

  • Brand: Mentor Models
  • Product Code: MNT3309
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  • $4.52

Mentor Decal  Solutions

We have three different grades  specifically formulated for all aspects of decaling.

Normal for normal decals on regular surfaces, 

Strong for normal decals on hard to conform surfaces with strange angles and irregular shapes and then the.

Extra Strong for those stubborn decals like problem decals on tough, demanding and irregular surfaces!

Mentor Decal  Solution  is for the most difficult and irregular surfaces to be found on models.
 It completely softens the decal, allowing it to conform perfectly to surface irregularities without distortion. 
Mentor Decal Solution actually makes the decal look like part of the painted surface.

Make sure the surface is free of particles that could get under the decal’s film and cause a blemish. 
 Some decals may need multiple applications five minutes apart to conform to especially difficult surfaces with demanding irregular surfaces.  

Apply with as few strokes as possible so a not to disturb the decal.  

Allow the decal to dry overnight, we recommend for 24 hours, it will then be ready for a protective coat. 

 One application is enough in most cases, but if necessary, a second or multiple applications of Mentor Decal  Solution can be helpful.