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Painting Clips Holder

  • Brand: Mentor Models
  • Product Code: MNT1141
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $6.48

Painting Clips Holder

Painting Clips Holder makes airbrush painting small parts of your hobby project in a spray booth very easy and clean.


- 173 x 133 x 18mm handy holding sponge (Gift)

- ideal for use in a spray booth or at the desk

- allows you to keep your hands free and clean while airbrushing or hand painting

- allows covering the element from every angle for primer spraying properly

Dimensions 180 x 140 x 33mm

The package contains perfectly fitted parts and assembly instructions. 

For the assembly, wood glue will be needed.

The Module does not include accessories, pictures just show a sample use of equipment.

Packing dimensions: 152x188x29mm

Packing weight: 170gr.

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