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  • Painting Tools Stand No.1

Painting Tools Stand No.1

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Painting Tools Stand

In your model workshop, this product which is designed so that you will have the most necessary paints, brushes, glue, tweezers, etc. at your fingertips, will give you a comfortable environment by arranging your work area. Painting Tools Stand provides safe and stable storage for your paints and other liquid products, preventing them from tipping over and spilling.


- 4 x double-bottomed holes with a diameter of 36 mm and 26 mm 

- 3 x holes for brushes, chisels, etc., with a diameter of 8 mm 

- 3 x holes for brushes, chisels, etc. with a diameter of 11 mm 

- the water cup hole with a diameter of 55 mm or bottle  40mm

Dimensions: 180 x 115 x 45 mm   

This product is produced from 5mm MDF material with laser cutting. 

The package contains perfectly fitted parts and assembly instructions. 

For the assembly, wood glue will be needed.

The Module does not include accessories, pictures just show a sample use of equipment.

Packing Dimensions: 152x188x29mm

Packing Weight: 270gr.

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