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  • Sprue Module No.2

Sprue Module No.2

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Sprues Module No.2

Sprues holding the parts of our models have always been a problem in our workshops. They cause a lot of difficulties such as forcing you to find what you are looking for in the boxes, occupying too much space and disappearance of tiny parts on sprues. With this product designed to solve these problems and be in front of your eyes all the time,y our desk will be freed from clutter and your work area will be refreshed. 

Dimensions: 240 x 150 x 300cm

The product contains 5 slots which can be organized according to your needs.

This module can have 13 slots in total. You can buy more slots. 

Paint, varnish, hand tools, etc. can be stored in this module without taking up much space on your benchtop. 

This product is produced from 5mm and 3mm MDF material with laser cutting.

The package contains perfectly fitted parts and assembly instructions. 

For the assembly, wood glue will be needed.

The Module does not include accessories, pictures just show a sample use of equipment.

Packing Dimensions: 305x280x29mm 

Packing Weight :750gr.

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