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Work Station

  • Product Code: MNT1119
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  • $37.14

It will store your tools and materials.

It will give you a tidy workspace. All in one product. 

This product is produced from 5mm and 3mm MDF material with laser cutting.  

It is easy to install and it is recommended to use adhesive (glue, etc.) during assembly.

Dimensions: 395 x 280 x 71 mm

Detail Dimensions:

Drawer dimensions: 388 x 264 x 34mm

Dimensions of Drawer: 125 x 264mm (3 sections)

Upper Table Dimensions:

Left Pocket Size: 14 x 215mm (2)

Right Pocket Size: 30 x 210mm (1)

2 pcs 44mmx44mm

4 pcs 36mm diameter

2 pcs 30mm diameter

2 pcs of 26mm diameter

Work Area Measure: Suitable for 320x225mm A4 Cutting Mat.

The package contains perfectly fitted parts and assembly instructions. 

For the assembly, wood glue will be needed.

The Module does not include accessories, pictures just show a sample use of equipment.

Packing dimensions : 410x340x37mm

Packing weight :1700gr.

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